What WAS I thinking?!

Recent snippets from the Random Thoughts file kept on Drop Box, updated during the course of my days, and uploaded to a public folder on Google Drive.


24 Mar 2013 – Sunday

1.) Home from the evening Palm Sunday Mass at the Cathedral and, MAN, am I ever tired.
2.) Glad I’m back in time to finish out the first half of the Spurs/Rockets game. Bet I’ll be fading by the time the game’s over.

1.) After a 6-hour work-shift ove at the Cathedral, I’m home freshening up for the second big event of the day: Mass celebrated by the Archbishop. Expecting a crowd, I’ll need to be there early.

1.) Palm Sunday morning finds me still waiting for the fog of last night’s 6.5-hour sleep to lift. As soon as I’m able I’ll be over at the Cathedral for a full day of work.

23 Mar 2013 – Saturday

1.) Just got home from the Talons game. The home team lost, but I had a good time. Chose not to stay for the post-game concert; I’m not a fan of hip-hop/rap… at all.
2.) I should have worn the pedometer today; could have logged a pretty significant walking workout.
3.) Hope I can get to sleep soon (I’m not tired in the least) because I need to be up really early in the morning.

1.) It’s been a good, productive day. The week’s haul of new comic books picked up from AW, chats with John and Gina there, two bags of groceries picked up from HEB store, gave catalog to clerk downstairs with info he’d asked about, mailed subscription request to the Archdiocese newspaper, moved in all pending CC games, and am now following March Madness games prior to heading over to the Alamodome for tonight’s arena football game.

1.) Last night’s SAS Concert was a mixed bag. On the one hand, the music was excellent. But on the other hand, the deportment of the audience was well below par. Too many people were there who did not know how to behave in such a place, and that was disappointing.
2.) Glad Bill Whittle did a Stratosphere Lounge this week. Enjoying it this morning is a good antidote to the nightmare that woke me from last night’s sleep.
3.) That nightmare? It contained a horrible woman with whom I used to be involved acting horribly, as she used to do.

22 Mar 2013 – Friday

1.) That afternoon meeting? It was three hours long, from 14:00 to 15:00, but it was time well spent. Home now, and after chatting quickly with neighbors and staff, and after eating a quick meal, I’m getting ready for tonight’s symphony concert.

1.) Glad the Sandman brought me a restful 8.5-hour sleep last night; that’ll help me make it through this busy day and evening ahead.