Want to laugh at the news? I do. And so does Jodi.

Jodi Miller gives us plenty to laugh about in her most recent episode of NewsNusted as she shares her humorous spin on the following people and TOPICS:
— Bush Library Dedication
— George W. Bush
— Five Living Presidents
— Boston Terror Bombing
— Food Stamps
— Illegal Aliens
— AP Twitter Hacked
— Manti Te’o
— Syrian Chemical Weapon
— President Obama
— Bush Approval Rating

A Correspondence Chess Win By Resignation

This server-based standard correspondence chess game began in September of 2012 and ended this evening when my opponent, playing Black, resigned after my 40.Rxg7+. No, I hadn’t yet checkmated the Black King, but it was clear to both of us that I’d be able to get his King before he could get mine.

The position of pieces at game’s end and our full move record:


1.Nf3 d5 2.d4 Nc6 3.g3 Nf6 4.Bg2 e5 5.O-O e4 6.Ne5 Nxe5 7.dxe5 Ng4 8.e3 Nxe5 9.b3 b6 10.Bb2 f6 11.c4 c6 12.cxd5 cxd5 13.Bd4 Bb4 14.a3 Bd6 15.h3 O-O 16.Nc3 Qe7 17.Nxd5 Qd7 18.Bxe4 Rb8 19.Qh5 Qxh3 20.Qxh3 Bxh3 21.Rfc1 Rb7 22.Nf4 Rbf7 23.Nxh3 f5 24.Bd5 Kh8 25.Bxe5 Bxe5 26.Bxf7 Bxa1 27.Rxa1 Rxf7 28.Rd1 h6 29.Rd8+ Kh7 30.Nf4 Rc7 31.Ne6 Re7 32.Nf4 h5 33.Nxh5 Kg6 34.Nf4+ Kf7 35.Nd5 Rb7 36.Rc8 Ke6 37.Rc7 Rb8 38.Nf4+ Kf6 39.Rxa7 Kg5 40.Rxg7+

Unconsciously muttering – I say:: … and you think.

Playing week 535 of the popular, long-running, word association meme. 🙂

I say :: … and you think.

  1. Industry :: … work
  2. Jerry :: … Two boys I went to school with, long ago. One of them became a UPS driver, as I did.
  3. Detour :: … a changed route
  4. Mug :: … root beer
  5. Steer :: … steak
  6. Link :: … connect
  7. Harmony :: … music
  8. Epic :: … grand
  9. Suspect :: … conjecture
  10. Translate :: … change

What WAS I thinking?!

Recent snippets from the Random Thoughts file I keep in Drop Box, update when time allows during the course of my days, and upload to a public folder on Google Drive.


2013-04-27 – Saturday

1.) What an adventure! Heavy rains during the night parade made setting up the chairs and especially breaking them down quite a job! Just got home, got out of my soaking wet clothes, and am running myself a hot bath!
2.) I should note that the heavy rains also apparently shut down the FSF. Rather than having to suffer through the incredible noise coming from there until 01:00, as would ordinarily be the case, I hear nothing from outside but the traffic out in the streets. That’s a blessing!

1.) I’m about as ready for today’s parade chair work as I’ll ever be: black bag is packed with emergency supplies INCLUDING sunblock.
2.) Shall wrap up a bit of yesterday’s paperwork then head over to our staging area in about 20 min. or so.

1.) Woke this morning at 07:00 after a 7-hour sleep that SHOULD have been much longer; that hellacious noise from the FSF across the street kept my awake much longer than I should have been.
2.) Aches and soreness from all the physical work I did yesterday is pretty intense. And I’ve got to repeat that work today. This will NOT be fun. If I don’t pace myself throughout the day and rest when needed… well, it could be bad.

2013-04-26 – Friday

1.) Home and relaxing from a good, hard day’s work with the parade chairs. It was fun watching the parade from the front row.
2.) Listening to Dark Cabaret music streaming from Last.fm while waiting for tonight’s Spurs/Lakers game.

The parade chairs and a few of the good folks I worked with today.

Early in the morning, well before the Battle of Flowers Parade, the chairs are still stacked and chained together on the sidewalk. And some of my fellow Knights from San Fernando Cathedral Knights of Columbus Council #9463 are almost ready to start working.

Parade chairs, early in the morning

Still well before the parade, some of our blue-shirted Columbian Squires can be seen marking and tagging our chairs.

parade chairs, being set up and tagged before the parade

After today’s big street parade the chairs are once again stacked and chained together on the sidewalk. And we (the Knights and Squires) will repeat our work for tomorrow’s big Flambeau Night Parade.

after today's parade, the chairs restacked

What WAS I thinking?!

Recent snippets from the Random Thoughts file I keep on Drop Box, update when time allows during the course of my days, and upload to a public folder on Google Drive.


2013-04-25 – Thursday

1.) I know I said it last year, but this time I REALLY, REALLY mean it! Next year during the four days and nights of Fiesta San Fernando I’m leaving town! I swear, I’m SO on the verge of going postal!

1.) I woke early as I’d planned, despite getting to bed so late. Took me awhile to get productive, but I think I’ll be okay for tomorrow.
2.) Too much Fiesta food had me reaching into storage this morning for some of my “fat boy” pants I’ve not worn for a long time.

2013-04-24 – Wednesday

1.) This Spurs/Lakers game is really exciting, and much more enjoyable since we’re winning.
2.) Even though I won’t be getting to bed until late (because of all the FSF noise from across the street) I’m setting the alarm to wake me at 05:30. Want to get used to that early time because I’ll HAVE TO wake up that early Friday.

1.) Damn! The 4-day FSF has already fired up the speakers pn the main stage. My windows and walls are literally shaking. Thank God for my Bose noise cancelling headphones; I’m going to be living in these things whenever I’m home for the next four days.

Like a zombie on a flying saucer

That pretty much sums up my state of being right now. Severe lack of sleep, under a constant barrage of noise from the competing bands on the two stages in the park across the street, trying to function as a human being but sensing that I’m not quite pulling it off… oh yeah, I can relate to that zombie pulled aboard a flying saucer by a tractor beam.

zombie and aliens

These graphic panels are found in The Colonized: A Tale of Zombies vs. Aliens #1, the comic book written by Chris Ryall, featuring art by Drew Moss, and recently published by IDW.