What WAS I thinking?!

Recent snippets from the Random Thoughts file kept on Drop Box, updated throughout my days, and uploaded to a public folder on Google Docs.


31 Mar 2013 – Sunday

1.) Pleasantly surprised by the all-English 2:00 PM Mass. Cathedral was absolutely packed, and the music may have been the very best I’ve ever heard at a Novus Ordo.

1.) Big items on my agenda today will be A.) attending the 2:00 PM Mass, which will probably become my default weekend Mass to attend, and B.) listening to the Spurs/Heat game, coverage starting at 5:00 PM.

1.) Easter Sunday! Glad I attended last night’s Easter Vigil Mass at the Cathedral but, MAN!, was it ever long! And this morning I’m dealing with high levels of fatigue, probably residual from all the work done over the last few days.

30 Mar 2013 – Saturday

1.) Fun reparte with Gina and the guys at Alien Worlds this afternoon. But, man oh man, do I ever have a lot of catch-up comic book reading to do!
2.) Did grocery shopping, two loads of laundry, and a fair amount of chess work this afternoon, too. And sent out a K of C informational email.

1.) Up and nearly ready to move into the day’s chores. Satisfied that last night’s solid, 7-hour sleep will have provided me with the rest needed to make it through another long day.
2.) Scheduling will be very important today as I begin to catch up on things that have been “put on the back burner” for the last couple of days. Getting back on track as soon as I can.

29 Mar 2013 – Friday

1.) Home finally from an incredibly long, but incredibly productive day of K of C work over at the Cathedral. Munching on a loaf of the delicious semita bread we were selling, and drinking cold milk. Not sure what time I’ll get to sleep tonight, but I bet I’ll sleep soundly.

1.) Woke from a sleep that could have been longer but gave me the rest I’ll need to make it through another long day.
2.) This is Good Friday. It should be awesome.