What WAS I thinking?!

Recent snippets from the Random Thoughts file I keep in Drop Box, update as time permits during my days, and upload to a public folder in Google Docs.


2013-04-07 – Sunday

1.) If Sundays are supposed to be days of rest, I’ve lived this exactly according to plan. Things have been slow and lazy here today.
2.) Mighty happy that Danica Patrick drove a good race this this afternoon. I watched it off-and-on on TV.
3.) I did phone a sick friend this afternoon: that may have been the only constructive thing to add to my ledger today.
4.) Listening to tonight’s Rangers/Angels game on the radio. Go Rangers!

2013-04-06 – Saturday

1.) Watching the Rangers/Angels game on TV while listening to the call on the radio is working out well, but I’ll have to leave the game before it’s over to catch 5:30 Mass.
2.) Should make it back from Mass in time to catch tonight’s Spurs game.
3.) Actually surprised that I was able to collect my new comics from AW this afternoon, and do some grocery shopping at HEB. Two nights in a row with very short sleeps have me majorly fatigued and zombied out.

2013-04-05 – Friday

1.) Home now from the Talons game and that bed looks SO inviting. Can’t believe I made it through such a long, busy day on the “strength” of only a 3-hour sleep last night. But I did.
2.) Also glad that I only had one bottle of water and one bottle of Pepsi to drink at the game tonight. Some of those guys who had been drinking as much beer as they could throughout were really obnoxious in the 4th quarter.

1.) Another busy day is mostly in the books. Had another f2f with the GK this afternoon, sent out another mass e-mail to the Council officers, chatted quickly with neighbors and the staff here, saw more folks over at the Cathedral and the Parish office, worked with the new voice recorder, experimented with ways to share audio files – need much more work on that project, the new guayabera shirt arrived today – much earlier than expected and I LIKE the way it fits!.
2.) I’ve got one more phone call to make before I head out to tonight’s arena football game.
3.) Interesting that I’ve been able to have such a full day on only 3 hrs. of sleep last night. Bet I sleep well tonight!