What WAS I thinking?!

Recent snippets from the Random Thoughts file kept on Drop Box, update during the course of my days, and uploaded to a public folder on Google Docs.


2013-04-09 – Tuesday

1.) Relaxing after a good day’s work, listening to the radio broadcast of tonight’s Rangers/Rays game, hoping for a good night’s sleep so I can have another good day tomorrow.

1.) The afternoon meeting with the GK took longer than I expected, but it was time well spent. And I made it back home in time to get a shirt over to the dry cleaners before they closed.
2.) Back at the keyboard again, working at the project I started this morning.

1.) The morning has been productive; much work has been done re: the council’s retention committee of which I’m chairman.

2013-04-08 – Monday

1.) Chess work is done, and website is built: I’ve done about all the constructive work I’m able to do for this day. Organizing the paperwork can wait until tomorrow morning.
2.) Shall relax the rest of my evening with Rangers baseball on the radio and a bit of light reading.

1.) The productivity continues. All out of the apartment chores have been taken care of, but there’s much more I hope to get accomplished before my head hits pillow tonight: much chess work, building a website, organizing recent correspondence, etc.

1.) Last night’s sleep was a surprisingly good 7 hours, complete with a detailed, entertaining dream. The dream had me first fighting against then fleeing from an ever-growing horde of zombies.
2.) It’s good to be working through the day’s chores at a good pace.