The parade chairs and a few of the good folks I worked with today.

Early in the morning, well before the Battle of Flowers Parade, the chairs are still stacked and chained together on the sidewalk. And some of my fellow Knights from San Fernando Cathedral Knights of Columbus Council #9463 are almost ready to start working.

Parade chairs, early in the morning

Still well before the parade, some of our blue-shirted Columbian Squires can be seen marking and tagging our chairs.

parade chairs, being set up and tagged before the parade

After today’s big street parade the chairs are once again stacked and chained together on the sidewalk. And we (the Knights and Squires) will repeat our work for tomorrow’s big Flambeau Night Parade.

after today's parade, the chairs restacked

What WAS I thinking?!

Recent snippets from the Random Thoughts file I keep on Drop Box, update when time allows during the course of my days, and upload to a public folder on Google Drive.

2013-04-25 – Thursday

1.) I know I said it last year, but this time I REALLY, REALLY mean it! Next year during the four days and nights of Fiesta San Fernando I’m leaving town! I swear, I’m SO on the verge of going postal!

1.) I woke early as I’d planned, despite getting to bed so late. Took me awhile to get productive, but I think I’ll be okay for tomorrow.
2.) Too much Fiesta food had me reaching into storage this morning for some of my “fat boy” pants I’ve not worn for a long time.

2013-04-24 – Wednesday

1.) This Spurs/Lakers game is really exciting, and much more enjoyable since we’re winning.
2.) Even though I won’t be getting to bed until late (because of all the FSF noise from across the street) I’m setting the alarm to wake me at 05:30. Want to get used to that early time because I’ll HAVE TO wake up that early Friday.

1.) Damn! The 4-day FSF has already fired up the speakers pn the main stage. My windows and walls are literally shaking. Thank God for my Bose noise cancelling headphones; I’m going to be living in these things whenever I’m home for the next four days.