What WAS I thinking?!

Recent snippets from the Random Thoughts file I keep in Drop Box, update as time allows during the course of my days, and upload to a public folder in Google Drive.


2013-04-30 – Tuesday

1.) All afternoon meetings went well, I’m happy to say. Notices to all officers have been emailed out, and I have one business-related phone call to make in the early evening. Other than that, I intend to do some much needed cleaning and organizing in this joint. And I’ll call this one successful day.

1.) As I’d hoped, last night brought a good 7-hour sleep and this morning has been very productive.
2.) Prep work has been done for my series of this afternoon’s meetings; I’m as ready for them as I’ll ever be.
3.) Shall try to work on my postal chess games and have those cards ready to mail out as I leave home for those business meetings.

2013-04-29 – Monday

1.) Lots of pleasant social contact today with neighbors and staff.
2.) Other than two loads of laundry and a bit of chess work, I really didn’t accomplish much today. Hopefully tomorrow will be more productive.
3.) Still sore from the work done on Friday and Saturday.

2013-04-28 – Sunday

1.) Listening now to the warmup show for tonight’s Spurs – Lakers game, and thinking the productive part of my day is probably over. Moved the the C.com games, made it to Mass, and made my bed: that’s it. Serious fatigue is setting n already, and it’ll be a miracle if I can stay awake for the entirety of this basketball game.

1.) Tired and sore as I expected to be, after a hard two days of work, but thankful on many levels for the experience of these last two days.
2.) Shall keep my goals for the day modest, trying to balance productivity with recuperation.