What WAS I thinking?!

Recent snippets from the Random Thoughts file I keep in Drop Box, update during the course of my days, and upload to a public folder on Google Drive.


2013-05-07 – Tuesday

1.) All afternoon meetings went well, I’m happy to say.
2.) More social contact than I expected, but it was all good.
3.) While booting this laptop over at the Cathedral this afternoon, I realized I can connect to the Internet with it over wireless WiFi. Sweet! All this time I thought it was limited to a wired connection.

1.) Last night’s 8.5-hour sleep was moderately restful and very dream-filled. Though the details of the dreams faded shortly after waking, I do remember them as being not particularly offensive. And that’s good.
2.) Glad the Spurs won last night, pity I slept through most of the game.
3.) Hope my busy afternoon goes well.

2013-05-06 – Monday

~15:30 1.) It’s been a good and productive day, so far. 2.) Cleaning and organizing in here has gone well. 3.) Have already made some plans for tomorrow’s work. That’ll be a busy day. 4.) The Spurs play tonight; hope we win.