What WAS I thinking?!

Recent snippets from the Random Thoughts file I keep on Drop Box, update during the course of my days, and upload to a public folder on Google Drive.


2010-05-16 – Thursday

1.) The day’s actually been very good! The only sore spot has been finding out that the Microsoft Office software for which I purchased a $250.00 upgrade key is now showing as unregistered. Lord, how I HATE Microsoft!! I’m tempted to wipe that damned OS off the machine and replace it with Debian!
2.) Looking forward to Dr. Ramon’s class over at the Cathedral tonight.
3.) And I DO hope the Spurs win their late game tonight against the Warriors!

1.) Last night’s 7-hour sleep, complete with dream, was restorative. I’m moving into this busy day with confidence.
2.) After realizing I’ve been wearing my pants at too low of a waist, I’m going through my closet this morning, searching for better-fitting trousers.

2010-05-15 – Wednesday

1.) What a lazy, relaxing day this has been. Other than working on my chess games and doing a bit of reading, I really haven’t accomplished much. But perhaps a “rest day” was in order. Lord knows my next three days are going to be extremely busy!