What WAS I thinking?!

Recent snippets from Random Thoughts files I keep on Drop Box, update during the course of my days, and upload to public folders on Google Drive.


2013-06-02 – Sunday

1.) Last night’s 8-hour sleep was segmented and restful: the final of two segments brought a pair of vividly detailed dreams. 2.) The long Mass today involved a 3-mile walk (1.5 miles out, and another 1.5 miles back) under the blazing, midday South Texas Sun. And me without a hat. Hope I’ve lathered enough aloe on my head to heal the sunburn that seems to be starting.

2013-06-01 – Saturday

1.) Spent the afternoon with my seamstress, and have been enjoying the deepest sense of relaxation all evening. Nice.
2.) Mighty glad the Pacers beat the Heat tonight! Sure would be great if we could meet them in the finals.

1.) Hard to believe it’s June already.
2.) So it seems the fan has stopped working in my front room a/c unit. And the Maintenance man won’t be back in the hotel until Monday. At least the a/c unit in the back room is working, and I’ve set up a floor fan to blow cooler air into the front room. Hope that’ll keep things liveable until repairs can be made!


2010-05-31 – Friday

1.) And the busy day has been successful: computer is now set up and connected to the Internet over at the Cathedral, have made plans for V to attend the tele-training classes with me on 11 June, got with S to verify our dinner plans for tomorrow, and gave the ST blueprints to F. Running a bath now, getting cleaned up for tonight’s SAS concert.

1.) Last night’s 8-hour sleep was restful, but waking up from it is taking longer than I’d like.