So little time for long-form blogging these days.

The past several weeks have seen a profound decline in the amount posts I’ve put up on this WP blog. My life away from the Internet has just become so busy and my schedule so full that I’m unable to carve out the time to do much long-form blogging.

In the daytime when I’m at the computer, I’m either working on my chess games or tied up in work-related chores. And my night time computing, what little of it I do, is spent with one of my tablets. Yes, I have the WordPress mobile app on my Nexus 7 and on my Galaxy Note; but honestly, folks, it’s not the most user-friendly app around. Especially when compared to, say, the tumblr app.

No, I’m not totally giving up on long-form blogging. I’m going to be putting up the Sunday Unconscious Mutterings post on a regular basis and, hopefully, I’ll find time to stick one or two other things up here per week. But my recently reactivated tumblr blog will probably be seeing a lot more activity over the next several months at least. So if you’re tired of not finding much of me here, you’ll probably find more of me over there.

4 thoughts on “So little time for long-form blogging these days.

  1. Esther is a huge tumblr fan. She’s shown me some amazing stuff on there. Say, are you using your gmail account much these days?

  2. Oh yeah, I’m on gmail constantly. For my correspondence chess games, the majority of my K of C correspondence, work related correspondence at the Cathedral, etc.

    1. Thanks, Shirl. I remember how the dynamic of your life changed when you took over the farm years ago. Though the nature of my changes are different, they may be as dramatic as yours were then.

      I’m still the same old boy I’ve always been. But so many things I used to do are no longer a part of my life, and so many new things are. And the pace at which I’m living now! Whew!

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