This morning it rained, and this afternoon…

Up early fixing the day’s coffee I heard the first big boom of thunder. Not long after that the rain started pouring down. Really pouring down. The morning radio was full of road closing reports due to flooding and some high-water rescues.

I was thankful that today was a day off work for me, so I didn’t have to put myself out in the weather. But the fiance wasn’t so fortunate. She had to drive into town when the rain was coming down heaviest. Yes, I was relieved when she texted me later in the morning that she was okay.

The morning’s big chore for me was resurrecting an old computer that I’d recently retired. There were some files on its hard drive I needed to upload to my Dropbox account. Easy, peasey.

After lightly dozing through a few episodes of STTNG on Netflix there were afternoon chores to tackle. Since the rains had stopped, I was able to get some yardwork done. Six little rose bushes are now planted in the front yard, and a couple of mystery vine thingies that the fiance and I picked up at a church festival last fall are now transplanted to the back yard.

Time now to get cleaned up and see what can be accomplished this evening.