Personal Productivity Trends – 12 August 2014

I freely admit to being rather obsessed with effective time-management, with using organizational tools to increase my productivity, with putting order to the projects that fill my life so they may be satisfying and beneficial rather than chaotic and disturbing.

At different stages of my life I relied on the extensive use of 3×5 note cards to keep my act together. Then I found myself in a lifestyle for many years where notebook-style paper planners were most effective. Ah, the peace of mind my Franklin/Covey planners brought me.

Now I’m using a tool, and have been for about the past month, that is so much better than anything I’ve used before. And I’m very happy to have found it!

ToDoist. On my smartphone, my tablet, and my bigger computers: all apps synching together and keeping me on top of things – oh, this is so nice.

From the daily digest this tool emails me, a number of charts and graphs are found which allow me to analyze my productivity in general terms or with as much specificity as I care to use. Two such charts are pictured below. One is a pie chart showing how my different projects relate to each other, and the other is a bar chart showing how my productivity varies, on average, from day to day.


Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to work. 😀