Winding down – Finally!

Screenshot 2014-10-03 at 19.42.14

After a very stressful day in the middle of a two-week long week (working both Sat. and Sun. then right back at it on Monday), with Pandora playing nice music through my Chromebook, and a good supply of allergy meds close by, the mind is finally quieting down. Thank. God!

Tomorrow starts early, at 07:00 hours which, in itself isn’t all THAT early. But considering how early I’d have to catch the bus after the hike to the bus stop for the long ride into town… yeah, early. So to avoid all that excessive earliness I’ve taken a room in a hotel by the Riverwalk, close to the Cathedral where I report in the morning. Here I can wake at my usual time, make some coffee here in the room, and show up rested and ready for the day.

Of course, it helps that I left my phone on a charger in my room back home. No phone calls are going to disturb THIS old boy tonight. Or tomorrow, for that matter. Anyone who needs to reach me can shoot me an email, tweet me, or message me via facebook or google +. With the Chromebook and hotel Internet I’m fully online. AND there’s no damned phone to bother me. God, I like that! 🙂

Here’s hoping we all have a good night and a productive tomorrow.

G’night, Sweety. I love you. 😀