Little Sapphire


I must admit that over the last few weeks, one of my greatest sources of pleasure has been “chatting” on the phone with little Sapphire, a three year old grand-niece (I don’t know if that’s the proper term) of my fiance. Sapphire is in the Philippines and has become quite proficient at hiding under furniture with her mother’s phone and calling relatives who have their pictures listed in the chat directory.

The fiance has a picture of the two of us listed in that directory, and we often get calls (some nights she keeps calling and calling – when it’s night here, it’s the middle of the day over there) from the little girl to her mommy-la (that would be Sylvia). Sometimes she wants to talk to daddy-lo (that would be me) and she and I have lately been singing “Old MacDonald Had a Farm.” She’s got the “ee-yi-ee-yi oh” down pretty good! 😀