Today’s work in the alley: before and after.

So late last week I learned that the alley behind my house had become “obstructed” and needed to be cleaned up. Thank you very much for the notice, city of San Antonio.

Saturday afternoon was the first chance I had after receiving the notice to go back there in the daylight and see what was going on. Sure enough, one of my monster bushes had grown pretty significantly through the chain link fence. For a stretch of about 15 feet or so, the big bush was extending as much as 3 or 4 feet out toward the alley. See the photo below that I shot at that time.


Taking one of my now very rare days away from the downtown office [side note to self: start doing this more often, Roscoe!], I headed back into the alley for a few hours with some pruning shears and got to work. The monster bush no longer reaches out past the fence.


And I even managed to snip off a few lower branches from a couple of my trees that were reaching out into the alley-way. The trees do need to be pruned a bit more, bit I’ll have to get one of those darned pole saws for that. Next week: yeah, next week I’ll take another day to work on the trees.