Reviewing notes, etc.


Today finds me working in the home office rather than the downtown office: reviewing notes of meetings attended and phone calls taken  during the past week or so, organizing information, filing, planning… and hoping there’ll be time to get some yard work done on this beautiful, sunny day.

2 thoughts on “Reviewing notes, etc.

  1. Lovely day here in SW Georgia, too. Just returned from my daily walk in the neighborhood, tacked on a couple of extra cul de sacs, increasing my walk time to an even hour at a brisk pace. My walk includes some significant hills. I’ve been increasing my distance since I got home from the hospital late in December. It’s very therapeutic, keeping my lymphatic system drained, and kicking in much needed endorphins, not to mention the benefits to my cardiovascular system. I’m typing this, sitting shirtless in my back yard, soaking up some Vitamin D the old fashioned way. One of the bennies of living in the South (Southwest in your case), eh, Brother?

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