Sunday night with the classics.

Sitting in the home office doing weekly review and planning, I’ve got an old episode of "The Whistler" keeping me company. Nothing quite like radio horror from the 40s. Seems appropriate.

2 thoughts on “Sunday night with the classics.

  1. Ah, The Whistler. I’d forgotten him. What great classic radio. On a side note, referencing Antonin Scalia’s recent demise in South Texas. It was 10 years ago today Dick Cheney’s hunting accident took out his friend. February is a rough month for Conservatives. Back to Scalia, I wonder what freak show Obama will appoint to replace him. He seem to prefer women who resemble Fred Flintstone for the High Court.

    1. Huh. I didn’t realize it was 10 years ago this month that the Cheney hunting accident occurred. Interesting coincidence, that.

      Oh, I have no doubt at all that any appointee Obama names will be worse than useless. I only hope the Repubs in the Senate have enough courage to deny a vote until Cruz gets elected.

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