Top alternatives to Facebook app for Android

Check out this drip:
Top alternatives to Facebook app for Android Via

I’m trying one of the options mentioned in the linked article found posted to Drippler. Hoping to save a little battery life, I’ve deleted the standard Facebook app from my phone and am now using the Chrome browser to access the mobile Facebook site. So far, the switch seems to be working quite well. We’ll see how it works over time.

2 thoughts on “Top alternatives to Facebook app for Android

  1. 👍🏼 I also deleted the FB app and access it via my browser. The only thing I have found is the the FB Messenger app still proves useful for me.

    1. I even deleted the FB Messenger app. The Messenger function on the m.facebook site that my browser gives me is enough for my needs. Most of my texting is done through a lighter weight app.

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