2 thoughts on “Afternoon Break

  1. So nice. I’ve enjoyed the River Walk at every visit. We have a river in Downtown Columbus, the Chattahoochie. City planners would do well to visit San Antonio. Ours, however is not a quiet, meandering river like yours. Our City Council decided a few years ago to break down an old dam and let the water rush over rocks. They now have a white water rafting and kayaking tourist industry going on. I, however refer to it as brown water, because of the massive amounts of raw sewage Atlanta and other upstream communities are allowed by the EPA to dump into it. My saying is, “Atlanta drinks Perrier, we drink derriere”.

    1. Ha! You know, downtown Indianapolis has a Canal Walk (I think that’s what they’re calling it) that was developing quite nicely when I lived there. It’s quite different in character from San Antonio’s, but really nice in its own way.

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