Things old people are thankful for.

I’m mighty thankful that there was a comfortable chair nearby to catch me when I went down this morning in my room. Had I gone all the way down to the floor, well…

And yes, I saw my doctor about a week ago and I’ll be into his office again this week having some lab work done. So shut up about that already.

And I’m thankful to be doing most of my reading these days on a Kindle. Being able to adjust the font size up on those days when the eyeballs get screwy sure is nice!

But I’m mostly thankful for Sylvia. God only knows where I’d be without her.

2 thoughts on “Things old people are thankful for.

    1. Nope, the bp med is the same, no change at all in my meds.

      I’ve just learned that I’m going to have to change doctors, though. My current doc is moving to Dallas.

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