The Class of 1960-Something |  Roku Channel 

A happy find for me today has been a Roku Channel that takes me back to my teenage years. From the source:
Paying tribute to hometown AM radio from the 1960s – we’ve got vintage jingles and sweeps, plus we air original radio advertisements for once iconic products and services. In addition we’ve re-created local and national news headline spots. Combine all of that with Top-40 music from the 60s, and you’ll feel like a happy time traveler!

When I was a boy I’d do my homework next to an AM radio playing the same music that has been the soundtrack of much of my day as I sit here in front of the computer, typing away at the keyboard. This free channel even plays news broadcasts from back in those days and commercials, too. Sweet! 🙂

Source: The Class of 1960-Something | New | Roku Channel Store

One thought on “The Class of 1960-Something |  Roku Channel 

  1. Great find, Roscoe. I, too have many great memories of the 60s and AM radio. I was reminiscing with a fellow choir member last Wednesday during practice about WLS, that great Chicago station. It was my primary link to the greater world outside Miami County. I will find certainly get a great deal of pleasure from this link.

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