Meanwhile, out in the backyard…

Meanwhile, out in the back yard, my war against the monster weeds continued. Armed with my trustee trowel I inflicted serious damage on the enemy forces.

Now I’m taking my sore back and sweaty body inside to relax while watching today’s Jeopardy. Then, after a shower, a few hours of chess work is scheduled.

Tomorrow will be full of bus rides, meetings around town, and setting up a new computer in the evening. Friday will be mostly swallowed up by chess work. Then Saturday will be spent preparing reports for Sunday meetings.

But next week those weeds had better watch out. I will be back at them!

2 thoughts on “Meanwhile, out in the backyard…

  1. Sounds like a busy, meaningful weekend. Mine will be spent at Newnan, meeting with my care team and getting another dose of chemo, this time without the Avastin. Hallelujah! Then Sunday is church. Yay!

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