This is NOT my favorite day!

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April 14th, the day I sit with pen in hand, with paper and pencil ready, and do my taxes. Tomorrow is the day I’m required to file my completed tax forms with the corrupt regime that controls the government of my country, and today I compute how much of my money I’ll be forced to send them.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I do love my country. But I don’t love the monstrous bureaucracy that runs our bloated federal government. And I hate the fact that I’m forced to pay so many thousands of my dollars every year to fund federal programs that serve no good purpose, to line the pockets of criminals, and to support those who are enemies of my country.

This is NOT my favorite day!

2 thoughts on “This is NOT my favorite day!

  1. Amen, Brother! I did mine early, but with the same stench reeking up from the criminal oligarchs who hold the monopoly on violence, forcing us to violate the Constitution everyday, especially on tax day, when we merely pay the interest on the “National Debt” we “owe” the International Banksters for the privilege of borrowing their fiat currency, unconstitutionally printed on their presses, and then loaned to their stooges in the Federal Gov’t to do their bidding; that interest, which is dumped on our, the taxpayers’, backs. Yes, life sucks under this criminal regime.

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