Bersa’s safer from this evening’s hail


The storms moving through the area now have hail approaching 3 inches in diameter according to the TV weather alerts. So we’ve moved Bersa the Versa around to the backyard and parked her under a steel roof. We don’t want her to suffer any more abuse. She’s safer from the hail now.

2 thoughts on “Bersa’s safer from this evening’s hail

  1. My gosh, Roscoe, what’s up with San Antonio’s spring weather? Isn’t it unusual for you to get all that hail? I’ve been reading about all the snow in Colorado, and basking in nearly 80 degree sunshine here in Southwest Georgia. Between the weird weather and the earthquakes, our geo-engineers have been busy wreaking havoc. I wish they’d cut it out.

  2. Yeah, we’re going through a stormy patch right now in San Antonio. And the complications from that are really annoying. Sure would be nice to have the peace of mind that would come from more moderate weather.

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