Smaller, simpler, better

photo of cellphone
The new little cellphone

The time has come to improve the quality of my life by doing more down-sizing. The first step in this direction came a decade and a half ago when I opted to replace my Indiana Chauffer Driver’s License with a Texas Identification Card. Life without a car, without driving, is much less stressful once one adapts to the changes in lifestyle this mode of living requires.

Now I’m applying the same approach to my online, Internet connected life. After many years of moving to ever larger, ever more complicated pocket computers (Modern cellphones really are pocket computers always connected to the Internet, aren’t they?) I’m moving back to a simple little 3G phone. No more emails following me around 24/7, no more pressure to constantly monitor social media accounts, no more hunting for electrical outlets to charge a rapidly draining cellphone battery, no more frustration at laggy connectivity issues or crashing apps: none of that any more.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still very much a computer guy. Desktop, laptop, and tablet use, and Internet connectivity will continue to be important parts of my personal and business life. When I choose to use them. But this little LG B470 will be much simpler, much quieter, much kinder to me than the Samsung Mega and its brethren I’ve lived with recently.

Life is good, and it gets better.