Listening and wondering

So I’ve got the Spurs / Thunder game playing over WOAI, San Antonio AM radio for the best Spurs coverage, back here in my home office. And while the game’s on I’m babysitting a Windows 10 upgrade to a refurbished Pc recently acquired. This box is so old it actually has a 3.5 inch floppy drive. Man! At least it has a 1TB hard drive so I know there’s room for the new software.

I’ve not done a Microsoft Operating System upgrade in a long time. My usual approach is just to replace Microsoft with some flavor of Linux. Wonder how long this darn thing will take? Wonder which will be the first to finish. The basketball game or the Windows upgrade.

2 thoughts on “Listening and wondering

  1. Is the pc able to run Windows 10. I.e. Ram, cpu, etc. floppy drive? What is that? lol. Roscoe, I friended you way back about CFL and recycling.

  2. Yep, the Windows 10 upgrade finally finished, and it appears to be quite an improvement over the Windows 7 that came on this machine. It’s faster and more stable. Of course, I declined a lot of the “features” that Microsoft suggested I accept during the Win 10’s initial startup. 🙂

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