The home-office desktop


The home-office computer (not the dining room desktop with the family-photo screensaver running on its big screen all the time, nor the TV room computer set up for easy access while I’m relaxing on the couch) is finally tweaked the way I want. Though much of my work (document creation, graphics manipulation, correspondence chess work, etc.) will be done on those other two computers in the front of the house, this back in my office will be mostly used for printing and tele-conferencing, attending webinars and online meetings.

Helping to set the proper atmosphere for my work environment back here is this Apostle’s Creed wallpaper found at It is a comfort to have this over my shoulder when working on the budget, making decisions, setting agendas, etc. With a rosary close at hand, the Creed on the monitor can easily be followed by a decade (or five) of prayer to help settle my mind and keep my thoughts properly aligned.