“We should set up a camera…”

So this morning as she woke, Sylvia joked: “We should set up a camera and start recording us.” She’s thinking we could make a reality TV show. Oh, Lord!

Actually, the way we’re coping with her ongoing recovery from heart surgery (quadruple bypass and heart valve repair last Tuesday: a ten-hour operation) is working out quite well, and we’re both of us satisfied with the decisions we’ve made regarding different elements of her recovery and encouraged by how much stronger she is getting – not only from day to day, but even as the day (or night) progresses.

We (my sister Carolyn, brother-in-law Mauro, and me) brought her home from the hospital late yesterday afternoon and she confidently walked from the car parked out on the street by our mailbox, up to the house and into the living room. She quickly fell in love with her new recliner chair.

For our dinner I served spring salad with a light olive oil dressing, shrimp cocktail, and apple slices with peanut butter for desert. She didn’t pig out, but she ate well from all three courses.

She enjoyed catching up on back episodes of some of the dramas she follows on TFC (The Filipino Channel) through the evening. Occasionally she would get out of her chair and walk around the house: her doctors have made it clear they want her to exercise regularly and she intends to do just that.

I’ve organised all her medications in those little weekly pill boxes with one compartment for each day of the week. She’s on so many meds that I use two of those: one with her morning pills, and another for her nighttime pills. And I helped her with her nightly regimen of checking her blood pressure and blood sugar level, and her nightly insulin injection.

This morning when she woke to go to the bathroom she decided not to stop at the master bathroom which is closer to the front room where we each slept on separate couches, but walked all the way to her suite of rooms at the end of the hall to use her own bathroom. We were both impressed by how much better she’s walking now.

And the adventure continues…