It was the Apostle’s Creed, then…

It was the Apostle’s Creed, then an Our Father and three Hail Marys, and then I heard her call. Still holding onto the rosary beads I moved to the front room where she wanted some help.

After helping her, and after she put head to pillow again, I sat myself down in the recliner across the room. It wasn’t long, maybe a chapter or two into a book I’m reading when I put the Kindle down and picked up the rosary I’d carried into the room with me.

Closing my eyes in the darkened room I began working quietly through the beads and the prayers where I’d left off. I think it was sometime in the fourth decade when I began dozing in the chair as she was sleeping over on her couch.

Healing and resting and quietly doing the simple work that needs to be done, we move through our Sunday.