If a #Texit vote was to be taken today, I’d say the majority of Texans would vote to begin a peaceful, orderly process of separating from the federal government.

However, if Donald Trump is elected POTUS this November, I wager a majority of Texans would vote then to stay. At least for a little while, to see if he really begins to change things for the better.


FTA: “Though little talked about in the West, many Chinese officials have long felt that war between Washington and Beijing is inevitable. A rising power, the thinking goes, will always challenge a dominant one.”

Source: THE ‘INEVITABLE WAR’ BETWEEN THE U.S. AND CHINA – Asian Defence News Channel

As I have been saying for many years…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Partners


The challenge this week is to shoot a photo that shows “Partners: Whether two of a kind or ten, give us subjects that are in sync with one another — show us partnerships.

Those of you who are older and/or take a lot of medicine on a daily basis will recognize these weekly pill boxes. She and I both take meds in the morning and in the evening and we find it handy to use these. She takes so many that she needs two boxes: one for her morning pills and the other for her evening pills. I get by quite well with just one.

The reason so many of these daily boxes in the picture are empty is that Monday is our “medicine day.” That’s when I reload all the sections for the week ahead.