If a #Texit vote was to be taken today, I’d say the majority of Texans would vote to begin a peaceful, orderly process of separating from the federal government.

However, if Donald Trump is elected POTUS this November, I wager a majority of Texans would vote then to stay. At least for a little while, to see if he really begins to change things for the better.



FTA: “Though little talked about in the West, many Chinese officials have long felt that war between Washington and Beijing is inevitable. A rising power, the thinking goes, will always challenge a dominant one.”

Source: THE ‘INEVITABLE WAR’ BETWEEN THE U.S. AND CHINA – Asian Defence News Channel

As I have been saying for many years…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Partners


The challenge this week is to shoot a photo that shows “Partners: Whether two of a kind or ten, give us subjects that are in sync with one another — show us partnerships.

Those of you who are older and/or take a lot of medicine on a daily basis will recognize these weekly pill boxes. She and I both take meds in the morning and in the evening and we find it handy to use these. She takes so many that she needs two boxes: one for her morning pills and the other for her evening pills. I get by quite well with just one.

The reason so many of these daily boxes in the picture are empty is that Monday is our “medicine day.” That’s when I reload all the sections for the week ahead.

Two U.S. Navy Supercarriers Patrolling Philippine Waters to Deter Chinese Attack

FTA: “The United States has deployed two Nimitz-class nuclear supercarriers to Philippine waters to head-off any military action China might be planning following an expected adverse ruling against its claim to own practically all of the South China Sea.”

Source: Two U.S. Navy Supercarriers Patrolling Philippine Waters to Deter Chinese Attack : Science : Chinatopix

With my impending move to the Philippines drawing ever closer, I’m paying much more attention to news from that part of the world. This report of increased US military presence there is a very, VERY good thing!

The recent election of Rody Duterte to the office of President of the Philippines is another very good thing, in my opinion.