Why Ad Orientem is Anathema to So Many

FTA: “The real question we need to ask is this: Why are so many bishops opposed to masses being offered ad orientem?The answer may be as simple as this: Pride.That’s it. Pride. That foundation of all sins. It caused the fall of the angel Lucifer. It lead to the fall of Adam. And it’s been the cause of the widespread collapse of the faith in the post-conciliar years.

Source: liturgy guy | Life, Liturgy and the Pursuit of Holiness

Yes, Pride. The source article explains that answer clearly and succinctly.

The backache is better, but…

Recovery continues, but oh so slowly.

On day #4 of this backache, brought on by my foolishly moving too much heavy furniture early Wednesday, I’m happy to note that things are getting better. As long as I don’t move much, don’t stand for too long, don’t walk very far, and don’t lift anything heavier than a cup of coffee, then the darned back doesn’t hurt… very much.

At the rate this is healing, it looks like I’ll be basically homebound for the weekend, at least. Probably by sometime next week I’ll be up and around again.

Thank God I’m retired, and don’t have any meetings I really have to attend until the end of the month. I KNOW I’ll be back to normal before then!