Man! It’s HOT out in that garage!

After working on the household budget early this morning, I dedicated much of the day to assembling material for the balik bayang box that Sylvia and I preparing to send to the Philippines. Much of what we’re sending this time is stored out in the garage. Or it was until I hauled it into the house.

The weatherman is saying we’re dealing with temperatures in the mid-90s today in South Texas, but I swear it feels like well over 100 out in the garage. To cope with that heat I worked for awhile in the garage then came inside to cool off, then back out, then back in, etc. The work isn’t done yet, but I’ve done all I can do today.

Now I’m resting my back and recovering from the day’s physical work. Tomorrow’s chores (hopefully) will all have me working inside. There’s sorting, cleaning and packing to do, there’s business to take care of here at the computer. And the adventure continues.