Hello, Audacity. It’s been awhile.

AudacityMaking recordings and playing them back for private listening is a central part of how I do business. It has been for many years. This is common practice for those of us responsible for keeping accurate records of meetings, interviews, business proceedings, etc. There are many recording devices on the market today that are easy and effective to use for this purpose and most modern computer operating systems come complete with software that makes playing back the recorded audio files equally easy. VLC and Banshee are two that pop up on different computers I use, and there are many others. But when a situation calls for careful editing of these audio files, different tools are called for.

A situation has presented itself to me now that calls for more detailed editing of an audio file than I usually do. So I’m reaching for Audacity, a tool I last used five or six years ago or so. At that time its learning curve seemed a bit steep and difficult to follow, if I remember correctly. Software does evolve over time, of course. I wonder how much I remember from my previous time with it. I wonder if it’s easier to use now. Guess I’ll find out.

The adventure continues.

The Summer Wins

No, no. Not The Summer Wind, though the song came quickly to mind and it is always nice to remember Frank Sinatra singing . I’m talking about my wins in Correspondence Chess (CC) games played recently.

The Summer of 2016 has been and continues to be challenging for me in a number of ways. My brother’s death, the declining health of others close to me, the surprising and unwelcome pace of my own aging, etc., all these things tend to darken my mood. Gladly they are offset by the constant stream of humorous messages from friends, the happy news and photos from younger family members, and… the fact that I’ve been winning much more often than losing in my CC play over the past few months.

chess-win From the Memorial Day 2016 to the present date, fifteen of my CC games have concluded. I still have eight in progress, but it’s unlikely that any of them will end before Labor Day. My win/loss record for the games of Summer 2016 has me winning ten and losing five. I do find satisfaction in that ratio.

The game board pictured here shows position of the pieces at the end of a game when my opponent playing Black resigned yesterday after my 28.exd8=Q+. The full move record of that game follows:

1. Nf3 Nf6 2. d4 g6 3. g3 Bg7 4. Bg2 O-O 5. O-O d5 6. Re1 e6 7. Nbd2 Nc6 8. e4 dxe4 9. Nxe4 Nxe4 10. Rxe4 Re8 11. c3 e5 12. Qe1 b6 13. dxe5 Bb7 14. Re2 a5 15. Bg5 Qd7 16. Rd1 Qe6 17. b3 Ba6 18. c4 a4 19. Nd4 Nxd4 20. Rxd4 c5 21. Rd6 Qc8 22. Bxa8 Qxa8 23. e6 Rf8 24. e7 Re8 25. Qd2 Qb8 26. Rd8 Qxd8 27. Qxd8 Rxd8 28. exd8=Q+ 1-0

And so it goes.

Among the day’s chores… Fantasy Football work.

Earlier this morning my Fantasy Football League ran its autodraft and my Team Ellis now has a full roster of players. I’m reasonably happy with Cam Newton as my starting QB, and really satisfied to have the Seahawks Defense. The rest of my guys? Well…, I’ve got some studying to do and lots of games to watch as I decide who to start, who to keep, who to release, who to go after, etc. If you’ve managed a team before, you know the drill.

Fun! – Weekly Photo Challenge

wp-1471138949245.jpgSo I’m still a week behind in making my contributions to The Weekly Photo Challenge. The demands of life away from the camera and all that, you know. Anyway, our challenge given on Friday, August 12, was: Fun!

Reaching into my photo archives I find this: a picture of children playing happily in the cooling waters of the dancing fountains at San Antonio’s Main Plaza on a hot summer day. A moment of simple happiness and fun, there it is.

Morning walk to Stanley’s Ice Station

Stanley's Ice Station So I’m doing a bit of catch-up here. For the past few weeks I’ve been too busy to participate in the Weekly Photo Challenge, but here’s my offering for the challenge of August 5: morning.

This morning I took a walk in my neighborhood to Stanley’s Ice Station. It seemed prudent to pull a little cash out of the ATM there to cover expected weekend expenses.