#Post Your Rosary Challenge Accepted


Found recently at the CUSToS pro MiTra Facebook page is an interesting little meme challenging those who wish to participate:

On this (traditional) feast of the Motherhood of the Blessed Virgin Mary in this month of the Holy Rosary, let us begin an extraordinary challenge.

Take a photo of your rosary which you bring everyday (or if you have several rosaries which you use interchangeably) and share it!

If you are requested to do it, use the “#PostYourRosaryChallengeAccepted” tag.

Challenge will last until 21 November, feast of the Presentation of Our Lady.

I can do that. Pictured with this post is one of the three rosaries I regularly use: my bedtime Rosary. It’s resting where it usually does, on the paper tray of my printer next to my bed. With its over-sized beads and sturdy cord, this is easy to use as I drift off to sleep. It’s strong enough that I don’t worry about it breaking if it gets tangled up in my blankets while I toss and turn during the night.

There are two other rosaries I use regularly in different circumstances. Before the end of this meme on 21 November we’ll look at them.