Time for Christians to Unplug from Our Secular Culture – Crisis Magazine

FTA: What Christians mean by “freedom” and “equality” is very different from the secular content of those words. For the believer, freedom is more than a menu of choices or the absence of oppression. Christian freedom is the liberty, the knowledge and the character to do what’s morally right. And the Christian meaning of “equality” is much more robust than the moral equivalent of a math equation. It involves the kind of love a mother feels for each of her children, which really isn’t equality at all. A good mother loves her children infinitely and uniquely—not “equally,” because that would be impossible. Rather, she loves them profoundly in the sense that all of her children are flesh of her flesh, and have a permanent, unlimited claim on her heart.

The source from which the above paragraph is excerpted is a transcript of Archbishop Chaput’s recent speech. It’s well worth your time to read.

Source: Time for Christians to Unplug from Our Secular Culture – Crisis Magazine