Today’s Plan


There are so many tools available for those of us who like to plan our days (our weeks, our months, our years, etc.) and track our activity over time. And I’ve used many of them. Without a doubt, the one that has worked best for me over the years is the trusty Franklin/Covey Paper Planner.

Mondays, as the first work day of the week, are critical. A good Monday will set the tone for that five-day stretch wherein most of us (even most of us “retired” folk) will be our most productive. And this Monday starts for me with these four main self-designated work areas. Oh sure, more may be added as the day progresses, and each of these four areas listed may (probably will) be broken down into minor tasks and subgroups. But I fully intend to focus my efforts on these today;

1.) chess – as of this writing, I’ve already made the morning’s moves in all my ongoing correspondence chess games, so I can check that off the list now.

2.) K of C – I’m committed to finish the final draft of the Minutes of my Assembly’s most recent business meeting, email it out to our members, and print copies to be distributed at our next meeting later this week. As Scribe of the Assembly, this is one of my responsibilities.

3.) yard work – Since I “retired” my yard man, groundskeeping here at Casa Ellis requires a much more hands on approach from me than I’ve given it before. My yard isn’t particularly big, but I’ve got some trees that truly are. And recent high winds have brought down a lot of leaves. The back yard needs raking and the front yard needs leaf blowing. And then there are the bugs. I’m needing to spray my lawn to keep the darned neighborhood insects out of the house. Yard work. There’s ALWAYS work to do.

4.) medicine day – Sylvia and I together are prescribed a boatload of medications by our different doctors. Mondays when she’s at work is when I load up our respective pill boxes for the week ahead.

And now, I’d better get back to work on those chores.