Scientists edge closer to bringing back from the dead the fabled aurochs, giant wild cattle that once roamed Europe’s forests

Its curved horns, huge bulk and irascible temperament made it a formidable foe for  prehistoric hunters, but scientists are edging closer to a long-held dream of bringing back from extinction one of Europe’s most impressive beasts – the aurochs.

“The creature, the ancestor of modern cattle, once roamed tangled forests and sodden marshlands from Britain to the Balkans and beyond to Asia and North Africa. But it disappeared from the British Isles in the Iron Age and was driven to extinction in the rest of Europe by the 17th century, with the last specimen dying in the Jaktorow Forest in Poland in 1627.

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This “back-breeding” project is exciting. Though it may never be possible to bring back the big dinosaurs, if we can successfully bring back aurochs, why not other extinct mammals with living relatives? I’d love to see cave bears, sabre-tooth tigers, mastadons, etc.!

Ah, science!