New Year, New Software

After the Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Years Day groggy season passed, I’ve been exploring new software. Though some of these have been mentioned previously by me, here and elsewhere, this is the full list of the new things I’ve been working with.

1.) It was in November or December of 2016 that I actually joined the new Gab social network, which is still very much under development. But it’s only within the last week or so that I’ve begun using it “full-time.” Though I’m still present on many of the other big social networking platforms, (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+), more of my time is spent on Gab than any of the others.

2.) A new Brave browser is now installed on my main production machine and I’m loving it tremendously. Though it’s still under development, I’m already preferring it to my others (Chromium, Firefox, and IceWeasel) for most things.

3.) Proton mail is a very secure and privacy-enhanced email product that, like the Brave browser, is still being developed. But it’s impressed me so much that I’ve upgraded to a premium level. In time it will replace gmail as my primary email service.

4.) Signal is a new messenger app that’s now replaced the others I’ve used on my cell phone. And,

5.) Earlier today I successfully upgraded the Debian “Wheezy” OS on my production machine to Debian “Jessie”.Sweet!

And the adventure continues. 🙂