Spicer Pisses Off Reporters Yet Again

Sean Spicer pissed off journalists and liberals yet again Tuesday by calling on a conservative outlet first at his press briefing. On Monday, the press corps was up in arms after Spicer called on the New York Post.

But the response was much more heated Tuesday after Spicer called on Laura Ingraham’s LifeZette.

As reported at: The Daily Caller

For the last two days I’ve enjoyed following live coverage of the White House Press Briefings led by Press Secretary Sean Spicer. These have been an absolute joy to watch as Sean takes questions, gives straight answers , and frustrates the leftist reporters from the MSM (Main Stream Media) organs who try unsuccessfully to push their Fake News agendae.

Apparently the angry MSM folks are upset that one of their leftist ilk hasn’t been first called on Monday or Tuesday. Sean instead called on reporters from the Washington Post and from Lifezette, both reliable sources that have a generally conservative readership.

Life continues to improve under the young Trump administration. 🙂