Explaining the Nineveh 90 Project

A well-structured, 90-day program of prayer, fasting, and discipline: this begins today. And I am one of the participants.

Daily readings, hints, and helps can be emailed directly to those doing the Nineveh 90, or they can be found at the Nineveh90.com website. There is no financial cost involved in following the program, though one can purchase books and other related materials if one chooses to do so.

Fr. Richard M. Heilman, the developer and leader of Nineveh 90, is a priest for the Diocese of Madison who has extensive experience in spiritual direction. He is the founder of the Knights of Divine Mercy, which is an apostolate for Catholic men’s faith formation, and he is a Fourth Degree chaplain for the Knights of Columbus, chaplain for the Madison area Holy Family Homeschoolers, an advisory board member of St. Ambrose Academy, and board member of the Women’s Care Center.

As with all programs of this type, it’s necessary for each participant to adapt the Nineveh 90 requirements to his own particular situation, circumstance, and station of life. Not all of us will find it possible to do everything suggested. But in order for the maximumum benefits to be realized, we should give our best effort. This is explained in the video attached to this post.

I encourage you to investigate Nineveh 90, and to join us. There is much work to do.