Barack Obama: The Failed Man


He’s realizing it was all for nothing.

His Wall Street reforms froze lending and slowed the recovery.

He spent all the political capital he had on a health care reform law that’s now in the death spiral the critics always said would happen.

He entrusted his foreign policy to Hillary Clinton and it’s plunged the entire world into chaos.

The Russian reset ended with the rise of Vladimir Putin. The Iraq withdrawal he was elected for gave us ISIS.

His leadership of the Democratic party saw its end as a national party.

His warning against Brexit probably pushed it over the top.

The TPP he tried to ram down our throats awakened a sleeping giant in the rust belt.

The country gave him the ultimate rebuke by electing not just any Republican to be his successor, but his very archnemesis.

Everything he worked for he now has to hand over to the one man willing to tear it all up.

Shakespeare could not have written a more complete destruction of a man.