One Step Closer to the Philippines

Happy news found me this morning when I checked the activity in my bank accounts. The personal check I’d written to the US Dept. of State and sent with the packet of forms along with my passport application has now cleared the bank and found its way into my account. This must mean that my application is now being processed.

When I presented this material to the Passport Office downtown, I was told to allow six to eight weeks for the wheels of progress to turn before expecting my passport book to be delivered by the USPS. So I’m patiently waiting – happier now that I know the wheels are indeed turning. And happier now that I’m one step closer to the Philippines.

Yes, the personal blog now has a new theme.

It seemed time to simplify things, and to change the appearance of this personal blog to more properly reflect its intended purpose. So…

I eliminated much of what had been on the two previous sidebars. What remains in this one is mostly mine: my tweets, images I post, and books I read. And over time the central column will contain more of my original content and commentary, bland and inconsequential though it may be, and less of what I find elsewhere.

My story.

What Is New On Gab? – Gab Support – Medium

In the six months that I’ve been on Gab, it has become my favorite micro-blogging social network. Please refer to the source article, linked below, for the latest news re: its features and growth.

“In August 2016 we embarked on a mission to put people and free speech first on the internet once again. Eight months later, we could never…

“Gab is not just a social network, it’s a social movement.”

Source: What Is New On Gab? – Gab Support – Medium