NOT like this!!!

So here I was, ready to take the bike out for a ride before the afternoon rains. I hauled the bike onto the back patio to check the air pressure in the tires before heading out. Both tires felt a little low, so I pumped up the front tire and brought it up to where it should be. Moving to the back, I found that tire so low the pump head wouldn’t even seat properly on the neck of the tube, pushing it back into the rim instead; and the neck itself was sticking out of the rim at an angle, not perpendicular as it should be.

Cause of the problem with the back tire was obvious, some doofus who worked on the bike or assembled it before I bought it put the inner tube in crooked. And a twisted tube will leak and not hold air.

I should have known better than to buy a cheap bike!

So now I need to replace the inner tube. To do that, I’ve got to pull the darned back wheel off the bike. And look at the stupid brake assembly I’ll have to disengage, and the nuts I have to pull off the back hub.

The NEXT bike I get WILL have quick release hubs and brakes I can easily work with, like the bikes I owned when I was younger!! It will NOT BE LIKE THIS!!!