How “Minimal” can I get?

For the last few days I’ve been working on a project. I’ve paired my 8 inch Android tablet with a bluetooth keyboard and am trying to see just how functional it can be in terms of keeping up those chores I usually handle with a desktop or laptop.

If I can get by with just the smartphone and tablet when in the Philippines, that should make moving through airports easier than if I had to open up and turn on a laptop. I’ve heard that happens when coming back into the US from foreign countries. Eventually, having a full laptop in the Philippines will be a necessity, but for the next year or so, when I’m only there for 3 weeks at a time, maybe twice a year, the smartphone/tablet combo might be enough.

Both my primary banks stateside have excellent Android apps. As long as I can get to the Internet I’ll be able to manage my finances just as easily from anywhere as I can here at home. And though the desktop/laptop experience is better on all my social networks (, twitter, facebook, this wordpress blog) they all have mobile apps that are more or less functional.

I think this will work. We’ll see.