Health Benefits of Honey? – My next project.

So for the past several weeks I’ve been experimenting with the popular apple cider vinegar diet and I’ve found it easy to follow and effective. The bathroom scales in the morning are now consistently recording a body weight over ten pounds lighter than when I began this project with very little modification in my eating habits. Cool! If I can drop another ten or twenty pounds by the time Sylvia and I visit family in Indiana later this Summer, and by the time I visit family and friends in the Philippines this Fall, I will be one happy old boy!

With confidence now in the health benefits of natural remedies, I’m going to move to the next level and begin experimenting with incorporating raw honey into my diet. There are a number of ways to do this described at the sourced article from which the graphic above and the following quote is snipped. I WILL be checking some of them out!

Discover the AWESOME health benefits of honey! Honey energizes our body, boosts immunity, fights bacteria, promotes healing of cuts and burns, remedies sore throat, cold, hangover, sleeplessness, stomach upsets and more. Find out how honey can make a significant difference to our health.

Source: Health Benefits of Honey