I’ll be Scribe of the Assembly for another year

Fraternal years in the Knights of Columbus run from July of one year to June of the next. And now, as June fades into July, I note on the Internet that many of my Brothers are posting their new assignments, offices held, etc.

This is a good time to remember where my life with the Knights started, to place where I am now into context, and to look forward with joyful anticipation to my future in the Knights.

I have so many fond memories of Council 437 in Indianapolis where I made my first, second and third degrees of Knighthood back in the 1990’s. God, I love that Council! Looking at their current website, I see some Brothers holding office that I remember. Wonder if they remember me? I know full well that if I’m ever again in Indianapolis on a Council Meeting night I will be there with them! So many happy memories! Some of my Brother Knights from those Indianapolis years are still friends of mine on Facebook, and we are in constant contact.

While in San Antonio, TX, my home Council is and has been at the San Fernando Cathedral, where I had the privilege of serving as Deputy Grand Knight and then Grand Knight of the Council.

Recent years have found me most active in the Fourth Degree in San Antonio and serving as the Scribe of Assembly #2748. I’ve completed two full years as Scribe of this Assembly and am honored now to be starting the 2017-2018 Fraternal Term as Scribe again.

Given the time-line that Sylvia and I are now working with, I may have time in America to serve as Scribe for the 2018-2019 term after this current term ends. But after that we will be in the Philippines where my life with the Knights will continue. We will live in Cebu City, in Basak Pardo, and my Brother Knights there, especially SK Kenneth Rivera and SK Christian Cayobit will help me find an appropriate Council and Assembly where I can continue to serve our Order.

Flaming Apostates

RadicalCath is right. If the survey reported by the Catholic Herald claiming that 2/3 of Catholics support abortion is to be believed, and I see no reason to doubt it, then a good 2/3 of those who claim to be Catholic are absolutely “flaming apostates”.


Yes, boys and girls, that is a wasp nest you see up there next to a rafter under the eave on the front of my house. And I have found three more similarly located at the back of my house. Needless to say, I’m not spending too much time outside in close proximity to these things.

Tomorrow I’m getting two cans of wasp and hornet spray that supposedly shoot a stream of their poison a distance of over twenty feet.

I remember growing up that my Dad would fill a can with gasoline when we found similar nests on the family home, and he’d hand it to me saying, “Get right up close to it, Roscoe, and throw the gasoline on the nest.” Sometimes he’d then set fire to a rag and toss it on the nest. Yeah, that killed them alright. But I don’t want to get that close to them now.

For the life of me, I can’t remember how we avoided setting fire to the house doing that. Dad did have his ways.

Get on Gab. Speak Freely. — Steemit

Gab is at the forefront of the free speech movement. Twitter is dying because of this movement. After… by cryptwarz

Source: Get on Gab. Speak Freely. — Steemit

Though I’m still active on Twitter and on Facebook, Gab has become my favorite micro-blogging social media platform. The sourced article, linked above, does a pretty good job of explaining who we are, what we do, and how and why we do it.

Floaters, or Shadow People?

When I had my eye exam last week one of the topics of conversation the doctor and I covered was those floaters in my eyes. She could see them in my eyeballs when she looked with her scope. My peripheral vision checked out fine, and I don’t see flashes, so the floaters don’t signal any serious health condition. But they are quite entertaining.

Sometimes the spots, shapes, and foggy masses that drift across and hop around my field of vision seem like a host of shadow people. But I think they’re just floaters. I think…

My eyes have gotten stronger!? (Thank you, Sylvia.)

So this morning I had my eyes examined (full exam, with dilation and everything) for the first time in four years. Now that I’m diagnosed with diabetes (type 1, controlled by diet and exercise) having such an eye exam will be an annual thing.

Not surprisingly, the prescription for my new glasses has changed quite a bit. It has become increasingly more difficult for me to see in all circumstances: distance vision, near vision, night vision, every darned thing. And I assumed (wrongly, as it turns out) that my eyes had just gotten much weaker.

The eye doctor told me this morning that she detected some slight glaucoma, but no worse than she noticed four years ago. And she saw some slight retinal tearing and slight macular degeneration, but again, this is just what she noted four years ago. However, the degree of astigmatism in my vision is much less now than it was previously, And my distance vision and near vision are quite a bit stronger than they were previously!

Wow Zoopers! I may be getting older, but my eyes are getting stronger! How about THAT!? The Optometrist attributed the improvement in my vision to the facts that: 1.) I’m now treating my blood pressure with medication; 2.) I’m no longer smoking, and; 3.) that I’m eating better now. Sylvia’s good home-cooking that I eat every day since I’ve fully retired is helping to improve my overall health and is making my eyes stronger!

Thank you, Sylvia! 😀