The Walk, and the Recovery

Today’s biggest events in the Roscoe-verse were 1.) the walk home from the bus stop, and 2.) the recovery from that walk.

Oh sure, many other scheduled chores were accomplished: hauling the big blue recycle bin and big green organics bin out to the curb, today being the collection day for those; some banking, physically at my bank downtown, not online; lab work at my hospital; shopping while downtown; filling the daily medicine keepers for Sylvia and me for another week; printing an updated daily medicine list for Sylvia; fixing my brunch and lunch here at home; following the Comey testimony before Congress and comments about that on various social media platforms; doing the dishes and policing the kitchen; organizing paperwork and supplies back in my home office; etc.

But the day’s biggest, most significant events in my world had to be the walk back home from the bus stop after my business downtown, and recovery from that walk. The walk was only a mile, and when I was younger that wouldn’t have fazed me at all. But now, at 68 y/o and under this South Texas Summer heat, and me not being particularly physically active, that was significantly draining. And the recovery from that walk, still ongoing six hours after the fact, has me functioning at a much slower pace, in a much more mellow state than would ordinarily be the case. Interesting, that.