Day 3, ditto

Still “crippled” with the arthritis pain. While not as severe (generally) as it has been at times over the last few days, it’s still bad enough to slow me down considerably. Though it still seems to be centered in the left shoulder and neck area, it can extend from from my head down to my fingers, across both shoulders, and down my back. Seriously.

To complicate matters, my blood pressure has been  really high for the last few days. This morning, for example, it was 173/95. And I’m taking perscription medicine daily to keep it low.

I imagine that if I was able to sleep well at night my body would heal itself from much of what ails me, but insomnia has been particularly bothersome lately. Some exercise would help too, I’m sure, but the darned arthritis won’t let me do anything. 

Anyway, I’ve got a doctor’s appointment tomorrow: a follow-up on my lab work from last week. Maybe the doctor can give me some advice, adjust my meds, or do something to help. We’ll see.