What I mistakenly thought was arthritis pain.

The doctor I saw yesterday diagnosed my shoulder, arm, and neck problem as much more likely due to nerve damage than to arthritis. And we’re treating it accordingly. He called in some new medicines for my blood pressure (another area of concern) which I collected from the pharmacy before catching the bus home. And he now has me taking anti-inflammatory meds morning and night. I’m to rest my arms, shoulders, and neck for the next few weeks and “tough it out” (the doctor’s words. Heh.) regarding the pain. If the pain hasn’t cleared up in a few weeks, he’ll x-ray my neck. So… I’m taking it easy and taking my meds.

Good news from the doctor yesterday: He congratulated me on my recent weight loss. He said all the numbers from last week’s blood work, etc. were very good. The liver and kidneys are in fine shape and working as they should. And he encouraged me to join a gym and begin exercising regularly. (Actually, that’s something Sylvia suggested we do together just a few days ago.)

And the adventure continues. 🙂